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Intercultural Ministry

Edmonton Presbytery
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EDMONTON PRESBYTERY INTERCULTURAL MINISTRY COVENANT                                                                                
We hear the call

           To appreciate differences.
           To share our commonness.
           To acknowledge our uncertainties and our doubts.
           To accept the reality of difficulties needed to change the world.
           To strive for a place where:
                All are acknowledged.
                All are accepted.
                All are appreciated.
                All are recognized as having gifts to share.

We know

           That we have much to learn.
           That there is much that will change us.
           That times will be difficult.
           That not all will agree with us.

And yet we know that we are called

        To acknowledge the differences.
        To appreciate the gifts of diversity.
        To grow from our experiences with people of different cultures and different practices.

As we walk together on this journey, We acknowledge with respect

        The history, spirituality and culture of the peoples with whom Treaty 6 was signed and the territory wherein we meet, and our responsibility as Treaty         members. We also honour the heritage and gifts of the Métis people.
        That our communities and our country benefit greatly from the gifts we receive as we engage with people of  different cultures and different practices.

We are called to walk bravely

        Knowing the task to which we have been called will not be easy.
        Knowing that not everyone will appreciate what we feel called to do.
        And yet knowing that we are called to make a difference in this multicultural world in which we live.
        Knowing that all people have a right to be acknowledged and appreciated as we come to see and appreciate the richness of our diversity of color,

        creed and culture.

May we have the courage and the wisdom to follow this calling of bringing together people of different cultures and practices, that we may make this world a better place for all to live and to enjoy life.

Prepared by Betty Marlin, DM and adopted by the Intercultural Ministry Committee of Edmonton Presbytery as their Covenant in carrying out their work.                             

Updated March 2016

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