Message from EPIM Support Team Lead: 

Intercultural Ministry

Edmonton Presbytery
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Welcome and greetings everyone!

The Edmonton Presbytery Intercultural Ministry team and I, as facilitator, warmly invite you all to join and participate in this ministry to bring justice, equality, peace & harmony to God's world and the communities we live in.

My wish is for this ministry is to be a place for all of you to express who you are; share your abundant, God given, diverse gifts, talents, values, cultures and traditions so that we may all learn from and teach each other how to accept one another and get along.

We show that we are true Christians by our love, actions, deeds, understanding, forgiveness and voices.

May God bless and care for us all always.

​​​The Ministry & Congregational Support Team of Edmonton Presbytery is called to support and provide oversight for ministries and congregations within Edmonton Presbytery.  The Presbytery boundaries include two ethnic churches, twenty-eight dominant culture churches, and three migrant churches.  There has been and is minimal interaction between the dominant culture churches and the five ethnic / migrant churches.  Our dominant culture churches do not reflect the diversity of ethnicity seen within our immediate communities.

The uniqueness of this project lies in the Committee's discernment and desire to invest intentionally in an Intercultural Ministry Facilitator who is multi-lingual, has post secondary education in United Church of Canada theology and polity, training in Intercultural Ministry, has a clear understanding of the goal of the United Church of Canada, to becom​e an Intercultural Church, and is sensitive to intercultural issues and diversity. 

The United Church today has a dominant culture too.  People might not even notice what they are doing.  But they often act as though it is "normal" to be white, English speaking, and middle class.  Our ways of being a church together, needs to change.  God is calling the whole church to be more open to each other's gifts.

We don't know exactly what an Intercultural Presbytery will look like; but it's an exciting opportunity to experience & witness progressive change. God is calling us to work together to build something new.​

​​​​​​​Everjoyce Madzinga


Edmonton Presbytery and Community Partners educates, empowers, and mobilizes Congregants, Edmonton Presbytery and Community Partners to do ministry together. Edmonton Presbytery Intercultural Ministry Committee supports cutting edge programs and opportunities in the areas of intercultural faith, education, self-awareness, advocacy, intercultural understanding and social justice with a commitment towards creating an inclusive, affirming and just presbytery and community. 



Edmonton Presbytery Intercultural Committee promotes an inclusive faith community by creating environments in which congregations learn about themselves by engaging in meaningful inter-cultural and intra-cultural dialogue to enhance their worship, leadership and commitment to social justice and equality.


 YoonOk Shin Kang

Did you know?  The only western country to break into the top 20 most diverse, is Canada. The Intercultural Ministry of United Church of Canada is excited to bring a perspective that will erase the boundaries that are created by different cultures but instead create an atmosphere to learn and share. We have lived in a Multicultural society, where different cultures celebrate their own in isolation. Intercultural Ministry aims to move beyond Multi to Inter-Cultural. Canadian Caucasian or non-Caucasian immigrant, United Church of Canada, Intercultural Ministry invites you to join in a variety of activities throughout the year. Watch this website for upcoming events.

Gal 3:28 “………for you are all one in Jesus Christ”

Message from

EPIM Committee Chairperson:

​Louise Rogers


​• Respect  - We demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion in our ministry and interactions with others through living out our shared covenant. 

Leadership - We foster leadership at all levels. We encourage innovation and promote excellence through continuous learning, communication, increased knowledge and development.

Integrity - We conduct ourselves at all times in a professional and ethical manner. Honesty, openness, and transparency are the hallmarks of the way we conduct our business.

• Trust - We are reliable, dependable and accountable for our actions.

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EPIM Facilitator: