Intercultural Ministry

Edmonton Presbytery
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If you are well versed in the English language, have a teaching background and would like to volunteer (part-time, once or twice a week) to teach other adults who might not be so fluent in speaking/writing English, please contact us. We'd love you to join us.

All required materials are provided.

This will be our third year; we have been very successful for the last two years.

The classes are limited to 15 adult students.

If you are accepted & committed to this good cause, you will be very much appreciated by the adult students and the United Church of Canada, Edmonton Presbytery, for your commitment/services.

Rewards, thanks & appreciations will be shown from time-to-time.

To find out more about this free, volunteer program, please contact the Intercultural Ministry Facilitator.

​By email:

By phone: 780-438-6619

By Fax: 780-438-6618